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Yoga for Golfers

When you next come down to the South West for a weekend of golf, why not combine this with a B&B with a difference. Here you will have the opportunity to practise yoga and experience what yoga can do for your golf, find out how it will enable you to hit longer drives, stay focused on the course and lower your score. Alternatively, if you live in the area, you might wish to arrange some private sessions.

I offer a special sequence of postures to aid golfers with their game by improving the mobility in their hips (which initiate the downswing) and strengthening their glutei (critical for generating power). The postures will also build strength and stability in the lumbar spine to prevent injury.

One of the reasons for swing faults is tension in the body. The fastest way to relax the body and calm and focus the mind is through the breath. Thus, breathing techniques will enable you to pay attention to your breath, remove tension from your body and improve your game.

Links to local golf clubs

Staddon Heights Golf Club
St. Mellion International Resort