"My life turned around. I use my walking stick rarely and can cope with the painā€¦." WM

Pain Management

The Pain Management Course

If you have a recognised, diagnosed condition from which you are suffering chronic pain, crippling your way of life and you as person, then this is the course for you.

At the end of the programme, your pain will no longer control you; instead you will have learnt how to control your pain. There is no guarantee that it will go completely, but you may be certain your life will change and you can follow your dreams once again.

The programme runs over eight weeks and employs a mixture of yogic, cognitive and behavioural therapy techniques. As you progress during this time, you will put into practice all you learn with amazing results. You will attend once a week for a two- to three-hour session and study the following:

  • An introduction to managing chronic pain.
  • Relaxation, breathing techniques and exercises to help lift your mood, fight stress and trigger the release of natural and powerful pain killers in the body called endorphins. During every session we will devote some time to practising these.
  • Pacing activities
  • Goal setting
  • Depression, anxiety and pain (how changing thoughts can positively affect mood and pain)
  • Assertive communication and pain
  • Relationships
  • Sexual relationships
  • Sleep
  • Managing pain flare-ups and intense pain

The course is accompanied by a manual and you will be given your own relaxation CD.

The total cost for the eight-week course is £500.

For further information, to check availability and/or enrol, contact Sibylla Chan on 07984 146153.