"Sibyllas invaluable relaxation CD "Release your Mind, Shape your Destiny" has been of enormous benefit, especially through the menopause."



Track listing:

1. Introduction, 2. Power nap, 3-12. Progressive muscle relax (parts 1-10), 13. Hypnosis/guided relaxation.


1. Introduction
3. Progressive muscle relax (pt. 1)
10. (part 8)
11. (part 9)
13. Hypnosis/guided relaxation

Listen to sections of this CD on a daily basis and you will notice profound changes taking place in your stress levels, your way of thinking, your actions and consequently your life. The CD contains no music whatsoever, just my voice to guide you. Without distractions, you will be able to deeply relax, access the pure consciousness that lies within you and direct your subconscious mind in any way that is right for you. The best investment you'll ever make!

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Poetry Emotion

Poetry Emotion
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Poetry Emotion is a compilation of poems spanning the last 35 years. During the last 10 years, I have begun to use poetry as a tool to help express my feelings, bring a sense of perspective and to enable me to move on with my life. Hence, my poems are frank and an illustration of aspects of the human condition that are close to the hearts of most people — love, lust and life.
I have also enjoyed writing from the perspective of others. Their fantasies and conversations have formed the starting point for some of my work as have some of the events that have altered our world. Each poem tells a story and by virtue of their subject matter, some are sexually explicit.
Poetry Emotion consists of six chapters. Each covers one of the main groups of emotions: fear, anger, love, lust, sadness and joy. Reactions to my poems have been positive. They have been described as ‘touching and lasting’, ‘of incredible purity and power’, ‘passionate and thoughtful’ and ‘beautifully sensual’.


Hatha Yoga Illustrated

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This comprehensive guide to Hatha Yoga contains nearly 650 coloured photographs to demonstrate 77 standard poses, These are presented from start to finish, showing you how to achieve proper alignment and breathing to ensure safe execution. Variations of many of the poses are offered to meet different ability and fitness levels. Eleven sample yoga routines show you how to assemble the poses into workouts. An excellent book for beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners alike.

Yoga Anatamy

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A fascinating book, with detailed anatomical drawings, allowing you to see inside the yoga pose. From breathing to standing postures, you can see which muscles are used and how the spine, breathing and body position are all fundamentally linked.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, Yoga Anatomy will prove to be an invaluable resource, which will further enhance your understanding of this ancient art.