"Sibylla is an inspiration whose energy and enthusiasm is truly infectious. She is patient and encouraging, and has the ability to boost my confidence whenever I am in her company." AA


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The weekend retreat

"I've spent in the House of Yoga four unforgettable days this August. This place was such a discovery in my life! Sybilla is the unique type of person whom you could rarely meet in this world - her big heart, her energy, her optimism are overwhelming and truly encouraging! She is not just a yoga instructor, but a real "guru" teaching you profound and very positive approach to the life itself. She is all heart, providing you with warm and beautiful home, excellent yoga facilities, delicious healthy meals and boundless hospitality. Thanks to this you indeed feel a close friend and a dear guest rather than just a visitor. The time I spent there made me really happy and charged me with sparkling energy for a long time. I will certainly be coming back! Highly recommended for all people who is seeking tranquility and harmony."
Ksenia Kolesnikova from St.Petersburg, Russia - 08/12/2010

"We arrived as strangers and left as firm friends. The environment created by Sibylla, from the moment you arrive, forms a powerful solid base to learning yoga. Sibylla’s infectious sociability ensures everyone is relaxed and comfortable with one another. It’s clear she has immense experience with yoga, meditation and teaching. You feel comfortable and confident giving yourself over to her voice.

I have an incredibly stressful, demanding job and often neglect my wellbeing. This weekend has centred and brought inner calm to me. The benefits in two days have been astonishing. I will take away many techniques with me. The House of Yoga is a home from home, free of the intimidation often associated with other yoga or meditation retreats. A perfect weekend in a beautiful home with many new friends."

Salma Cranefield (35, Journalist, London)

"I arrived on Friday evening to a lively light supper and an hour of relaxation. The weekend was a sublime experience of yoga, movement, good company, walking and wonderful meals. The atmosphere was fun and stimulating; a great way to meet new people and exercise and rest at the same time."
Debbie Morgan (53, Medical Secretary, Plymouth)

"As soon as I walked into the house, I felt welcome, relaxed and totally at ease with the people around me. It has made me look at life from a different angle…that you can put troubles in a different place within you. Absolutely fabulous!"
Hendrikkien Cox (57, Learning Support, Plymouth)

"This weekend has taught me to relax and see the different ways of handling my worrying. I totally understand that this weekend is only the beginning for me, but it has been a very good start."
Carine Shapland (40, Teaching Assistant, Cornwall)

"Spending a weekend at the House of Yoga leaves you inspired, relaxed and full of energy. This has to do with the fact that Sibylla is a wonderful teacher, the beautiful surroundings and the good atmosphere in her lovely house. I had so much fun during the splendid walks, huge laughs and inspiring talks we shared. The alternation between serious yoga and true relaxation is fantastic. I still profit from the weekend although it has been a couple of weeks. I can truly recommend this weekend retreat to anybody!"
Natalie Terhaag, 38, Executive Secretary, from Utrecht, The Netherlands

"The weekend retreat at the House of Yoga was absolutely great! Under the inspiring guidance of Sibylla Chan we enjoyed a full programme without being stressed. We started and ended the day with deep breathing, postures, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation, feeling totally relaxed but aware and energetic. During the day, we enjoyed the beautiful countryside of Devon, walking along the coastline with incredible views and visiting picturesque villages. All with wining and dining and lots of laughter! A marvellous weekend thanks to Sibylla, who made us feel so relaxed and welcome in her beautiful Victorian home. I very much enjoyed staying at the House of Yoga and hope we will have an opportunity to come again!"
Carola Trommels, 40, Lawyer, from Amstelveen, The Netherlands

"The yoga weekend retreat in October was fantastic. Sibylla is vibrant and lively as well as patient. She is so energetic. I am 17 years younger than she is and see myself as a very energetic person, but get tired sometimes seeing her in action. She is without a doubt my inspiration and my role model. I recommend her yoga retreat to anybody as well as her CD.To paraphrase my thoughts:  great yoga, scenic walks, relaxing evenings, delicious meals, sparkling conversation, sense of humour, beautiful house, rooms and personality."
Magda Knijff, 45, Website Editor, from Zeist, The Netherlands


"Sibylla's classes offer a personal experience. The sessions take place in her beautiful home which is warm and relaxing. The classes are small which gives her the opportunity to encourage individuals to strive for their best postures and work towards achieving the technique that works best for you. She identifies the barriers that are hindering your postures and suggests exercises to practice. The breathing and meditation/relaxation periods all feed into making the whole session a balanced and uplifting experience. I look forward to my Wednesday class which slots in so well after work and it really does refresh and revitalise me for the rest of the week. I thoroughly recommend you to Sibylla at the House of Yoga."
Angela P. from Torbay, Devon.

"I've been wanting to write to you for some time now to say how much I enjoy your classes and how good it feels after each class. Yesterday's was so brilliant that it prompted me to write at long last!  Thank you for teaching us and thank you for being so inspiring.
With love and looking forward to next week's class,"
Jocelyn  (February 2013)


“I have been practising yoga under Sibylla’s tutelage now for about two years. I am a woman in my late 40s and had noticed that I was getting stiff and had little flexibility.

From my very first lesson, I was inspired by Sibylla. She has grace and posture and her movements are like those of a youthful, energetic person. This is what I wanted to be like.

Over those two years, she has patiently and skilfully brought me on, so that can feel definite improvements in my body. I have much more strength and flexibility. I also have benefited from the breathing and meditation techniques that Sibylla has taught. These have had a huge effect on my life in many ways: I definitely have more energy. I feel calmer and have more confidence. The confidence comes from knowing that I have some control over my body and can deal with stressful situations by controlling my breathing and I have the energy to face the challenges of life. It is a great credit to Sibylla’s teaching that at no point did I ever feel pushed too hard and yet I was aware of the fact that every lesson progress was being made. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sylbia's class to anyone."

Paula Nicholls, (teacher, Plymouth)
April 2008

"““I am a 60-year-old female who has had three life-threatening experiences. I am also registered disabled and attend a pain clinic at Derriford (Hospital). I have always been interested in yoga and when I read an article about Sibylla, I telephoned her and arranged to meet. My life turned around. I use my walking stick rarely and can cope with the pain. I have not lost weight but appear to be slimmer as my carriage is upright and my head held high. I have just returned from Egypt and next month I am off on a cruise, then off to Australia in November. Sibylla has such patience and understanding. I practise every day but still have much to learn. I have learned so much from Sibylla that my life and attitude have completely changed for the better, forever. Thank you Sibylla.”"
Wendy Moore, Plymouth
July 2008

"Sibylla is an inspiration whose energy and enthusiasm is truly infectious. Equally, she is patient and encouraging, and has the ability to boost my confidence whenever I am in her company. Learning yoga under her guidance is an experience I would recommend to anyone."
Annabelle Austen (34, Journalist, Tettenhall)

"“I have been studying Yoga as a novice for the last 30 years. It has been of great help to me through the loss of various members of my family, and the normal stresses and strains of life.

I first heard of Sibylla through an article in the local newspaper and contacted her immediately. Her kind, thoughtful response was to arrange to see me at her home before adding me to her list of clients. We have since met weekly for a two hour class incorporating exercise and meditation.

Up until now I have only concentrated on the movements, but in the last year she has encouraged me to learn how to breathe and more recently to chant. Since I sing in a Choir this has been of enormous benefit to me and I can now hold notes longer whilst performing complicated choral works.

Her structured routine of movements has taught me better posture and given me incredible confidence, which has been especially noticed by my family. Yoga is an art form in itself, but with her patient tuition I have found ways to compromise my body into more flexibility and pose. This is incredibly helpful when I am sitting at a desk all day as a secretary, and my back and shoulders are more relaxed.

Her fun, enthusiastic approach to Yoga is infectious. Her positive attitude and determination has guided all her students through difficult times and her dogged positive nature has taught me how to approach life with the same enthusiasm. This together with her invaluable Relaxation CD has been of enormous benefit especially through the menopause.

A teacher such as Sibylla is a rare treasure, and I look forward to many more years of her teaching.”"

Debbie Morgan (Widow, 53, Medical Secretary, Plymouth)
January 09

"“As the only man staying at the retreat for the weekend I was concerned that there may be an air of separation from the rest of the group but this simply wasn't the case. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by Sibylla encourages inclusion no matter who you are or what your ability. The weekend was a fantastic introduction to Yoga and helped develop and fine tune my relaxation techniques: All very useful in a job that involves long hours and plenty of international travel. The beautiful surroundings and small group size make this a perfect weekend retreat in a fantastic part of the country. Without doubt I will be back for more.”"
Richard Cranefield (34, Project Manager. London)